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Acne Treatment

Best Acne Treatment in Bangalore HSR Layout

What is Acne?

Skin inflammation is a skin problem caused by the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells on the skin surface and The Derma Theory Clinic is the best place for acne treatment in Bangalore.

What are the causes of Acne?

Stress, sugary foods, diet, cosmetics, hormonal changes, weather are the major causes for acne.

Best Pimple Treatment service in bangalore

What is the most effective treatment for acne?


Chemical Peels: chemical substance strips that invigorate the peeling of developed Skin and trigger recovery of another skin layer on the harmed site to create new cells. 


Oral Medications: Our expert dermatologists might endorse oral prescriptions. 


Carbon Peels: we utilize a blend of carbon strips with q exchanged Nd: YAG lasers help to diminish oil creation and pigmentation and even to clean the pores. 


Mesotherapy regularizes the Skin’s appearance and creates new skin tissue to address skin breaks. 


Our specialist dermatologists propose laser treatment for skin scars; It helps eliminate blocked pores and excess oils. 

What parts of the body are most commonly affected by acne?

Pimple treatment procedure

What is the Acne treatment procedure at TheDermaTheory Clinic Bangalore

  • A premier appointment with a certified dermatologist
  • Discover the root cause to come up with an accurate solution.
  • A uniquely crafted treatment plan for the glow of your skin and rash type and trigger.
  • Pre-care direction to help prep your Skin for cutting-edge aesthetic treatment. 
  • Free consultation after achieving the best procedures. 
  • We provide Post-care support to reliable satisfaction.
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We offer a clinical approach to your skin, hair, and lifestyle with safe and friendly care towards you and your family.