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Grey Hair Treatment

What is Premature Greying Hair

Grey Hair Treatment . Turning gray of hair early is known as Premature greying hair. While grey hair is a piece of the regular maturing process, plenty of grey hair in individuals over 30 years old is also a reason for concern.

Best permanent white hair reduction clinic Bangalore

Grey Hair Treatment First, we investigate your hair and scalp through a videoscopic amplifying magnifying lens after an itemized history taking and examining your hair. The study is finished to determine the primary driver of your hair issue to arrive at the correct conclusion.

Contingent upon the finding and the balding phase, a suitable treatment will be recommended. At last, we additionally propose significant dietary and lifestyle changes which are vital in advancing solid hair development alongside the treatment.

Why Choose Thedermatheory for white hair treatment?

We take a standard assessment of the patient. We also recommend significant dietary and way-of-life changes, vital in advancing good hair development alongside the treatment. The advantage of the therapy is noticed even after the treatment.

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We offer a clinical approach to your skin, hair, and lifestyle with safe and friendly care towards you and your family.